Old Grand Dad Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Liter 1L



The Bottle: Bourbon is the most consumed whiskey in America. Barrel-aged, this spirit must be made from at least 51% corn which is where it garners its sweeter flavor profile when compared to rye or scotch.

The Producer: Old Grand-Dad was a distiller named Basil Hayden who made his name by distilling a bourbon whiskey made with a higher percentage of rye. Basil Hayden passed along the art of distilling to his son and then, in turn, to his grandson. It was the third generation distiller, Colonel R.B. Hayden, who honored his grandfather by naming his justly famed whiskey “Old Grand-Dad.”

The Why:Specifically formulated with more rye for a lighter, spicier flavor. Potent and heady with flavors of oak, pears, apricots, and dark caramel.

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