Contratto Vermouth Rosso 750ML



The Bottle: The first Contratto Vermouth recipes date back to the 1890s when herbs and spices were used to cover "off tastes" or oxidized wines. At that time nobody dared to throw away wine and the herbal infusion would cover any unpleasant tastes.

The Producer: Today, with the revival of classic spirits and a booming cocktail culture, Contratto reintroduced six historic products that embrace old tradition and modern demand, Contratto Vermouth Bianco, Vermouth Rosso, Americano Rosso (also a Vermouth), Fernet, Aperitif and Bitter.

The Why:This vermouth is made from a secret 150 year-old recipe, using traditional methods. The result is a deliciously aromatic sweet vermouth, great over ice with a twist or as a mixer in classic cocktails.

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