Champagne Coutier, Brut Rosé NV 750ML



The Bottle: Wine-producing villages in Champagne are classified as Grand Cru, Premier Cru, or simply Cru. There are 17 Grand Cru villages in Champagne and they make up only 9% of the total vineyards planted in the region.

The Producer: The Coutier family has been in the village of Ambonnay since 1619 and owns 9 hectares of vineyards. In 1946, the Coutiers were the first vignerons in Ambonnay to plant chardonnay in the village.

The Why:This lovely bottle is not only Grand Cru, it's organic! It's a beautifully made rosé with gorgeous notes of red fruit, brioche and complex, savory earthy tones.

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