Askur Yggdrasil London Dry Gin 1L 1L



The Bottle: Gin’s origins date back to the Middle Ages. Gin is a neutral spirit that is flavored with a variety of botanicals and aromatics but must always contain juniper berries, giving it that distinctive pine note. London Dry gins primarily feature the juniper tasting note whereas American Dry gins utilize a variety of ingredients to create a more balanced flavor profile.

The Producer: A craft distillery that distills their base spirit with wheat in Champagne, France and then blends with the pure waters of Iceland, Askur is doing everything right to create a clean, versatile gin.

The Why:A classic London Dry profile consisting of juniper, coriander, angelica, citrus, licorice and cassia. Robust in flavor that works well in both gin & tonics as well as martinis and every cocktail in between.

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