NY Distilling Dorothy Parker American Gin 750ML



The Bottle: Gin’s origins date back to the Middle Ages. Gin is a neutral spirit that is flavored with a variety of botanicals and aromatics but must always contain juniper berries, giving it that distinctive pine note. London Dry gins primarily feature the juniper tasting note whereas American Dry gins utilize a variety of ingredients to create a more balanced flavor profile.

The Producer: NY Distilling is located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and started by one of the co-founders of Brooklyn Brewery. This American Dry gin is named after Dorothy Parker, a New York City writer and satirist whose relationship with alcohol was well documented and was said to have fueled many of her best pieces.

The Why:Dorothy Parker American Gin – a blend of traditional and contemporary botanicals including juniper and elderberries, citrus, cinnamon, and hibiscus – is as delicious in a Gin & Tonic as it is in a Gin Daisy.

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